L'Imperatrice Gardenia

This is a fragrance for women. L'Imperatrice Gardenia was launched in 2018. Perfumer: Philippe Paparella-Paris. "L'impératrice Gardénia" is a gardenia, thick and sweet, so natural sounding that the whiteness of its petals seems to be visible and their smoothness and density are palpable. Gardenia, a rare, foreign flower, available only to kings and the richest nobles in the 18th century, only to those who could afford the luxury of a greenhouse and a skilled gardener. L'impératrice Gardénia would not be so beautiful if the gardenia was not framed by other sweet-smelling and whitened flowers: jasmine, tuberose and white lily.
Try it and Majestueux Vetiver may well be your one and only favorite.
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Base Notes

Ambergris, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Ambroxan

Middle Notes

Gardenia, Tuberose, Cashmere, Jasmine and Lily

Top Notes

Freesia, Neroli, Rose and Sweet peas