Cuir Magnifique

This fragrance is a dedication to «Tsar-Peacemaker» Alexander III: during the years of his reign, the country experienced rapid economic growth and did not participate in a single war. The era went down in history as «a period of peace and luxury» — and the perfume «Magnificent Skin» turned out to be the same, luxurious, festive and velvety. It intertwined the smells of leather — thin and noble, from which ladies’ shoes and theatrical handbags were sewn, and the floral notes of jasmine, freesia and lily of the valley, which adorned the ballrooms. Green notes of vetiver and artemisia do not contradict the dark purple notes of violet and iris. The noble skin tone is enhanced by bergamot, lemon and cedar, while cinnamon and vanilla give a light sweet sillage. They say that «Magnificent Skin» tends to transform, showing in the foreground one or the other of its sides. For example, on men it sounds sharp and spicy, on women — thin and enveloping, with iris and violet in the main parts. One way or another, this sensual, slightly nostalgic scent has the smell of luxury, well-being and the anticipation of the holiday.