L`Imperatrice Gardenia

«Empress Gardenia» is a perfumery plot dedicated to Elizaveta Petrovna. As is the case with other fragrances from the Noble Royale collection, as a «terms of reference», the perfumers were sent the story of the royal heroine, offering to select the leading components and find the right intonation for the composition. “We had several options for fragrances, but when they showed me the gardenia, I immediately agreed,” says Olga Yurchenko. The harsh and intoxicating scent of gardenia perfectly reflected the character of Elizaveta Petrovna: strong, domineering and, at the same time, not devoid of textbook feminine manifestations. The first beauty of the court, she could not stand rivals, changed toilets several times a day and left behind over 10,000 dresses and several chests with silk stockings. All these contradictions were reflected by the fragrance addressed to her in a snow-white bottle topped with a crown: exotic gardenia is gently accompanied by jasmine, tuberose and white lily. Freesia and petitgrain give the bouquet a slight pungency, and sandalwood, delicate vanilla and amber give depth to the bouquet. However, the main companion of gardenia in this composition, the opposition with which conveys the contradictory character of the heroine — the smell of the finest glove leather.