Loi D’Une Femme

Loi D’Une Femme is a unisex fragrance created by the niche perfume brand Noble Royale. This is a floral-fruity composition with a light, almost weightless, touchingly delicate sensual sound. The perfumer Philippe Paparella-Paris worked on its creation, as well as on all the previous fragrances of the brand. Royal nobility is the bar that Noble Royale has set for itself and which it fully complies with.

The 6th fragrance of the collection is inspired by the image of the Great Empress Catherine II. The bearers of the presented sophistication never doubt their strength, value and significance, they deserve all the chances and opportunities in the world. Perfume from the category of prestigious and status, addictive, like its inspirer. The prestigious scent of a charismatic queen. For women in their prime, an addictive floral-fruity scent. For those women who never doubt their strength, value and importance, and deserve all the chances and opportunities in the world.

“I told myself that happiness and mystery depend on ourselves. If you feel unhappy, rise above it and act in such a way that your happiness does not depend on all external events. »
— Robert K. Massey, Catherine the Great: A Portrait of a Woman.

The aromatic composition opens with the citrus freshness of a sunny orange, the sweetness of fruity notes, spicy saffron and fragrant osmanthus. They are replaced in a hearty accord by a velvety honey peach, tart jasmine, a silky-spicy rose, the smell of juicy ripe raspberries and a subtle, slightly smoky scent of tea. And the sound of the Noble Royale Loi D’Une Femme perfume is completed by coniferous shades of fir, vanilla-resinous benzoin, a delicate spicy-forest smell of oak moss, a subtle smell of leather and slightly resinous shades of amber.

Top notes: fruity, orange, osmanthus, saffron;
Middle notes: jasmine, raspberry, peach, rose, tea, lily of the valley;
Base notes: moss, amber, benzoin, leather, fir balsam, musk.