Majestueux Vetiver

«Mystical Vetiver» is the perfume story of Alexander I, one of the most mysterious Russian emperors, whom Pyotr Vyazemsky called «The Sphinx, not solved until the grave.» He ascended the throne in 1801 after his father Paul I was killed as a result of a conspiracy. They say that it was the shock he experienced — upon learning of the death of his parent, he fainted, left a serious imprint on him and forced him to turn to various kinds of mystical knowledge. All his life he was looking for secret signs and, as historians write, they reciprocated. The case when, at a church service in 1812 — at the most dramatic moment for the country — he opened a Bible that had fallen out of his hands and, by the content of the psalm, clearly understood that Russia would emerge victorious from the war, became the talk of the town. Deep and solemn, the scent of «Majestueux Vetiver» simultaneously envelops the scents of lavender fields, Mediterranean gardens, rain-covered forest and bright spring freshness. It also has a subtle smoky aroma of vetiver, balanced by velvety amber, patchouli and vanilla, cypress and bergamot touched by the southern sun, and, finally, pungent spices that warm and at the same time add spice.