Noble Royale

Noble Royale parfums is a French brand of selective perfumery that has appeared quite recently, but very loudly and solemnly. The collection of 2018 of 6 fragrances, inspired by the images of the great imperial era of Russia, attracts more and more connoisseurs every day. These are truly royal compositions — both in the content of the ingredients, and in the design of the bottles with a golden royal crown, and in the names of the fragrances.

The fragrances of the house were created in collaboration with perfumer Philippe Paparella-Paris.

Noble Royale is a brand founded in France in 2018 that presents us with perfumes dedicated to a member of the royal family and draws inspiration from the aristocratic spirit of the Russian Empire. All six fragrances are built around a central note, one of the key perfume components.

The creator, Olga Yurchenko, dedicated her first collection to the representatives of the Romanov family: Peter I, Elizaveta Petrovna, Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna, Alexander I and Alexander III. Why did they become the heroes of the perfume collection? Partly to move aside from the traditional associations with the expected names and persistent harsh aromas, which in the West, by inertia, are associated with the «Russian spirit». This story is of a different kind: more subtle, chamber and multi-component.