Tobacco Dinasty

About who was the first to bring tobacco to Russia is known not only in Russia itself, but also far beyond its borders: the perfume with this component in the name is dedicated to Peter I. Needing no introduction, the last Russian Tsar and the First All-Russian Emperor — perhaps, the most predictable figure in the Romanov collection. All the more unexpected emotions are evoked by the aroma dedicated to him: bright, strong — and at the same time subtle and milky-tender, full of exotic notes and generating the most contradictory associations. The bouquet dedicated to Peter the Great is shamelessly luxurious: here is the slightly smoked Madagascar vanilla, and the chocolate-rum aroma of tonka beans, and the intoxicating aroma of cardamom, cinnamon, anise and ginger, and the resinous sweetness of benzene, and — in contrast — a delicate delicate rose: as a reference to the gardens of Peterhof, which were broken with a grand scale typical of the emperor. «Tobacco Dinasty» is definitely masculine — despite its distinct sweet notes, and is undoubtedly potentially attractive to women — those who are difficult to intimidate with tobacco or spice smells.